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How to Dial Phone Numbers From Android Web Browsers?

Android Web Browsers Highlight-to-Call

With the Desktop version of the TeleConsole you can dial any highlighted number simply by pressing Control-Shift-on your keyboard. See more details here.

This doesn't work on Android. Instead on Android browsers you can use the built-in highlight-to-call method:

  • Long-tap a phone number on a web page to highlight it and tap Call from the available options.

    • If you see a calling app icon next to or instead of the Call option you have to clear the open-by-defaults first before you can select the TeleConsole (see next.)

    • If you don't see the Call option or a call app try using a different browser.

  • When prompted with the choices of available calling apps on your device, tap the Telebroad icon and select Always or Just once.

  • The TeleConsole's Dial Pad screen will open and the number will be automatically dialed

  • If you have selected Just once the calling apps choices will show up every time you repeat the above steps. But if you select Always you will only see TeleConsole as an option for making future calls (see next about how to change that.)

Clearing Open-by-Defaults to Select a Different Calling App

When highlighting a phone number you may see that an app has already been selected as the default calling app (the Android Phone app in the following example.) To select the TeleConsole instead you would need to clear the Open-by-Default settings for this app.

Similarly, if you selected Always for the TeleConsole and want to use a different app for making calls you would need to clear the Open-by-Default settings for the TeleConsole.

To clear the TeleConsole Open by Defaults setting:

  • Do one of the following:

    • Go to Android Settings and select Apps.

      On some Android devices you have to tap Manage apps.

      Find and select the app you want to clear defaults for (TeleConsole, the Android Phone app, etc).

    • on the Home Screen or App Drawer, long-tap the TeleConsole icon or icon of the app you want to clear defaults for and select App info.

  • On some Android devices you have to tap Set as default to open the relevant screen.

  • Tap Clear defaults.

You will now be able to select a new app for making calls when long-tapping a phone number.