The GET/cnam request returns the Caller ID Name for any nationwide mobile or landline number registered with the CNAM repositories. 

While it is designed for ten digits external numbers you can also use it with internal shortened Telebroad PBX numbers, but do expect the response to be mostly "Out of area". It will work fine for most Telebroad ten digits caller ID numbers (assigned to internal PBX numbers), usually resulting in a company address rather than a person's name. 

No special access privileges are required for using the request. It can be used by any active registered Telebroad user.   


The request returns the following information field:

  • result - the name associated with the requested phone number as it is registered in the CNAM repositories, or an error message if it cannot be obtained. 


The phone number for which the CNAM information is requested.

You need to use an eleven digits format and always include 1 before a ten digit number, otherwise it will not be found in the CNAM repositories and the response will be "Out of area".


To get the list of SMS lines for a user use this syntax:

HTTPS method: GET


If the number is found in the CNAM repositories -


      "error": null,

      "result": "Ben Robson"


If the number is internal or shorter than the eleven digits format -


      "error": null,

      "result": "Out of area"


If the number is eleven digits format but is not found in the CNAM repositories - 


  "error": null,

  "result": "INVALID NUMBER"


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