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Live Wallboard (Admin Center)


The Live Wallboard is an informative tool that displays tiles summarizing recent and current call and agent activity. Access it from Admin Center Menu>Live Dashboards>Live Wallboard.

A simplified summary of call activity can be viewed on the Admin Center Home Screen and for more advanced statistics as well as graphing you can use the Admin Center Analytics.

Display Options

Select to hide or display the filtering options (currently only Start Time ) and / to enable or disable full-screen mode.

The Start Time filter lets you select when to start including information for the tiles on the screen. You can select Last 4 Hours, Today from 9:00 AM, or Today from 12:00 AM.

There is also an indication of the date and time the live board was last updated. Updates happen automatically periodically, but you should refresh your browser to ensure you are seeing the latest results. 


Key Performance Indicators is a term that describes measurable performance for a company or a system. These are basically various values of the call/agent activity shown for the start time you selected.

You can rearrange the KPIs on the screen to your liking by dragging them around.

Click Manage KPIs to check or uncheck the indicators you want to display or hide:

Active Calls: A sum of all current active (answered and holding) calls including direct calls received by agents or routed to them by the system from a queue. 

This indicator is zeroed out when there are no active calls.

Active Queue Calls: A sum of all current active answered calls that were routed to agents by the system from all available queues. This indicator is zeroed out when there are no active queue calls.

Holding Queue Calls: A sum of current holding (not-yet answered) calls in all available queues. This indicator gets get zeroed out when there are no holding queue calls.

Logged In Queue Agents: Agents can log in or out of queues directly from the TeleConsole. This indicator shows how many agents are available to receive queue calls from the total possible agents on the system. In other words, it is the number of agents who are logged in to at least one queue.

Available Queue Agents/Unavailable Queue Agents: Agents become available or unavailable to answer queue calls when they sign in or sign out from their account on the TeleConsole or physical phone.

Agents become unavailable when they place or answer a call. They will become available again when they hang up.

An agent may also become unavailable if he signs out of all queues on his TeleConsole account.

Total Incoming Calls/Total Outgoing Calls/Total Calls:  Outgoing calls are calls placed by users. Incoming calls are calls arriving from external callers or from other users. 

Internal calls between users are considered outgoing calls on the caller's side and incoming calls on the recipient's side but are just counted as one incoming call. 

Total Calls: This is the sum of incoming and outgoing calls, but as mentioned internal calls between users are only counted as one call (even though technically they involve both an outgoing call for one user and an incoming call for the other). 

Total Group Calls: The sum of calls arriving from queues or hunt groups.

Reached Voicemail: The sum of all calls that were not answered by agents and reached their voicemail instead.

Waiting for Callback: The sum of all calls where the caller, instead of waiting in a queue, requested to be called back at their number by dialing *

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