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Call History Reports (Admin Center)

Usage and Types of Calls

The Call History report shows a list of calls for a specified date range. You can select each call in the report to see its details and journey how it moved between different destinations in the phone system. You can also view and listen to recordings of calls, if available.

Access the report  from the Admin Center Menu>Reports>Call History. The listed calls can sorted and filtered by different parameters. Select  to look for call records by name or number.

Note that Call history records cannot be deleted!

You can select Show Analytics to switch and use your selected date range and filters Analytics Dasboard.

Exporting a Report

With the  button you can export two kinds of CSV files of the report. Calls in the files appear according to the way you have sorted them.

Export Account Call History will be named with a "call-logs" prefix and include all calls in the selected time range and details for all columns (both the ones you selected and the ones you didn't). Each call is also assigned an ID. 

Export User Call History will be named with a "call-segments" prefix. It only includes calls that have actual call segments, that is calls that were not abandoned and involved at least one system destination. The file includes columns with Agent on Call details.

Selecting a Date Range

Clicking in the Date range field will let you manually enter and modify the date. Select to pick a date range from a calendar. Use the arrows () to change the month. Clicking the month lets you change the year.

Managing Columns and Sorting

Call reports are shown with the following default columns:

  • Caller: Name and number/phone line of the caller. Calls that were dialed by users are indicated with a yellow icon and the user's initial () while calls coming from external numbers have a green icon with the first letter from the caller ID ().

  • Dialed Number: The phone number that the caller initially dialed.

  • Direction: An icon showing the initial direction of the call
    • Incoming Missed calls.

      A call is considered a missed call if an agent did not answer it or rejected it. A call is also considered missed if the caller hangs up during a voicemail greeting.

    • – Incoming Answered calls.

    • Outgoing calls.

    • Internal calls.

  • Status: Shows the eventual status of the call – Missed, Answered, or delivered to the user as a Voicemail. For answered calls that were transferred you may see that it was "Answered by 2 people" (or more).

  • Date & Time/Duration: Self-explanatory.

  • Arrived to: The first destination on the phone system that the call was routed to.

    You can see other destinations where the call was transferred to under the Call Journey tab.

  • Recording: If a call has a recording you can click the icon to open the Recording tab.

Use the  button to display and add additional columns:

  • Abandoned:  Calls that were hung up by the caller while the call was waiting in a queue or during an IVR greeting.

  • Transferred: The number of times the call was transferred (0 value if the call was not transferred.)

  • Repeated: The number of calls that were repeatedly dialed from the same number on the same day.

    The number of calls in the column is a link. Clicking it will open all calls related to the dialed number.

  • Called Back: Calls where the caller requested to be called back, instead of keep waiting in a call queue,  by dialing *.

    The call-back option can be enabled or disabled for each queue under the queue's Call Settings.

Use the Reset button to bring back the default column selection.


Sorting Columns

You can sort the report by the values of any column, except those with phone numbers. Click a column once to sort by ascending order () and click again to sort by descending order ().

Applying Filters

The filter toolbar can be shown or hidden with the button on the top-right. You can use a single or combination of filters to narrow down and refine the report.

Click a filter to display a drop-down list of relevant choices, check one or more filter items, and click Apply. You can also just click anywhere on the screen outside the filter to apply your choices.


Select on to clear a filter or remove all filters by selecting Clear all.

Active filters display the first item selected in their list of choices. That makes them wider and, on smaller screens, you may need to use the right or left arrows on each side of the filter toolbar to see filters that were shifted off-screen.

The available filters are:

  • Numbers/Users/Groups (the Groups filter has both queues and hunt groups): Check the relevant choices for these filters that you want to see reports results for. For example, you can select two filters to to show results for specific users in the sales queue.

  • Direction: Select to show Incoming, Outgoing, or Internal calls.

  • Status: Select to show calls that were Missed, Answered, or were delivered to the user as a Voicemail.

  • Time of day: Use the two sliders to select an hour range, in 15 minutes intervals, to show report results for.

  • Duration: Use the two sliders to select a call duration range, in 5 seconds intervals, to show report results for.

  • Tags:
    • Transferred/Not Transferred: Calls that were transferred/not transferred to another user or the call center administrator (using the Active Calls Switchboard or ACD Dashboard).

    • Abandoned: Calls that were hung up by the caller while the call was waiting in a queue or during an IVR greeting.

    • Not Abandoned: Calls that were answered by an agent before the caller decided to hang up.

    • RepeatedCalls that were repeatedly dialed from the same number on the same day.

    • Not Repeated/Not Repeated: Reapted calls are calls that that were dialed multiple times the same number on the same day. 

    • Recorded/Not Recorded: Calls that were recorded or not recorded (recording can be acceesed in the Call Journey. See next).

Call Details

Select any call history record to show its details with two tabs – Call Journey and Recordings.

The   button lets you copy the web page link for the call details so you can share it with another user (the user need to have a role that allows him to view reports. Roles can be defined under Admin Center Menu>Account>Settings>User Roles & Priviliges).

The    button lets you print the call journey or save it as a PDF file.

Call Journey

The call  journey tab shows how a call moved between different destinations in the phone system, including the duration for each destination and the time and date the call ended.


The Recordings tab has an audio player(s) to let you listen to a recording of the call. You can drag the playhead or use   and to skip back and forth. Change the playback speed with and download an MP3 file of the recording with .

Enabling Call Recordings

You can enable or disable call recordings for a user by going to Admin Center Menu>Users & Phones and expanding the Lines & Devices category. Select  to edit an existing line and open its settings. Expand the General Info settings and toggle on or off the Enable call recording setting.