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Hold and Resume

You can place up to eight calls on hold on your phone. You can hold and resume regular calls, conference calls, or conference call participants. When you place a call on hold, the held party may hear either a ringing tone or music as determined by either your phone system administrator or your TeleConsole's phone setting "While call ring play the caller" option.

Holding and Resuming Regular Calls

To place a regular call on hold:

During a call, press the Hold soft key.  The LEDs blink red to indicate that a call is on hold.

The following screen shows Jane Smith on hold. The Resume soft key now displays on the screen.

To resume a call on hold:

  • While a call is on hold, press the Resume soft key.

Holding and Resuming Conferences Calls

When you place a conference call on hold, you place all other conference participants on hold. Conference call participants cannot hear each other.

To place a conference call on hold:

  • From the Active:Conference screen, press the Hold soft key.

  • The Hold:Conference screen displays. The other parties in the conference call are put on hold.

  • From the Hold:Conference screen, you can do the following:

    • To resume the conference call, press the Resume soft key.

      The Active:Conference screen will display again.

    • To place a call to a new party, press the New Call soft key.

      The conference remains on hold, and the new call becomes the active call.

    • To end the conference call and place each conference participant on hold, press the Split soft key.

Holding and Resuming Conferences Call Participants

You can select any conference call participant to be placed on hold. The held participant cannot hear any participants and no participant can hear the held participant.

To place a conference call participant on hold:

  • From the Manage Conference screen, scroll to the participant you want to place on hold, and then press the Hold soft key.

  • The following figure shows James Smith on hold. The “on hold” icon displays next to his name, and the Resume soft key appears.

  • To return the participant to the conference, scroll to the participant and press the Resume soft key.

  • If the held participant presses the Hold soft key on their phone, the participant will still be on hold even if you press the Resume soft key.