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What to Do If You Cannot See/Receive Voicemails, SMS Messages, or Faxes?

The TeleConsole employs different channels (with associated phone numbers) for faxes, voicemails, and messages. A channel works in two directions serving both inbound and outbound communication. Each direction can function separately! Even if you are able to send outbound communication on a channel, it does not necessarily means that the inbound communication is active on it!

At least one outbound channel is always active for faxes and messages (voicemails don't have an outbound channels per se. But the active phone line for calls is equivalent to one). You can switch between channels, if your account has more than one, when you send or continue a communication.

For inbound channels, however, you can choose which ones you want to "listen" to. If you have several voicemail boxes for your account you can "listen" to all, any number of them, or none. If you deactivate all boxes (as shown in the following example) you will not be able to see or receive any new voicemails until you activate at least one box. Similarly you will not be able to see or receive any new faxes or text messages if you deactivate all fax or SMS channels.

Understand that when you don't listen to a channel it still remains active and can receive messages on the Telebroad server. But these messages are not shown or delivered to your TeleConsole app until you start listening to the channel again.

Follow these steps to configure your TeleConsole channels:

  • Tap   on the on the bottom-right corner to access the TeleConsole's settings.

    The settings screen is divided into three categories - Channels, General, and Local Settings.

  • On the Channels category tap either Voicemail,  SMS, or eFax .

  • In the window that opens check the boxes of the channels you want to listen to (Select Voicemails, Select Fax Lines, or Select SMS.)

    Ideally you should have at least one channel activated for each. If you have at least one channel active but still can't receive the relevant communication, c heck your Internet connection. If you are unable to establish an a connection contact your ISP.

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