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The POST/send/fax method allows you to use your Telebroad account to send a fax document to a recipient's fax machine or fax enabled VoIP service.


There are no parameters in the header. All parameters go in the body in JSON Raw format.

snumberstringThe source number where the fax is to be sent from (that is the Telebroad user number.)
cnumberstringThe recipient (destination) number where the fax is to be sent to.
emailstringProvide an email address here to get a status report about the sent document.
datastringThe file of the fax document encoded into a text string using the base64 format.

Converting a file to base64 can be easily done with one of many online convertors, such as this one. After performing the conversion simply copy and paste the resulting string into the data field. Note that the resulting string may be many pages long, especially for a PDF file.
file_extensionstringThe default file format is PDF. If you are faxing a file with a different format you need to specify the file extension for the appropriate format here.


To send a fax document from fax line 1-646-699-1360 to destination number 1-347-535-2211 with a report sent to fax-api-example@test.com use this syntax:

HTTPS method: POST




The returned data field may be dozens of pages long. Shown here is a truncated version.



















If the message was sent successfully you will get a "null" error and a result field with a reference number for the fax transmission.


 "error": null,


 "Status": "Success",

 "Result": "383261282"


If there was a problem sending the fax you will get an error code and a message explaining the code. In the example seen here the destination number provided in the request was not recognized as able to receive fax transmission, hence the message "No remote fax device."



"code": 444,

"message": "No remote fax device."


Email Status

If you provided an email address in the request you will receive an email message with the status of the fax transmission, including a success or failed status, phone numbers, sending times, number of pages, reference code, and possible reason for failed delivery, if any. 

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