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If you are  a small business owner your telephony needs may be modest, but Telebroad can still provide you with the latest technology for efficient business communication. Following is an overview of Telebroad resources available to get you started.

Hardware Buying Guides

Telebroad business communication solution is completely cloud based and can be implemented with your existing computer hardware, smart phones or tablets, and broadband connection. 

Additional hardware, however, can improve the calling experience and productivity of your users. It can also upgrade your office with access control and overhead announcement capabilities directly integrated with the Telebroad system.

To simplify your purchasing experience we have compiled lists of recommended hardware for optimal performance with the our systems. It is very important to follow our recommendation when it comes to buying or replacing your router.

Follow these links for more information and buying advice on specific hardware:

You can also take a look at our warranty and limitation of liability and no-question-asked return/exchange policy.


Analytics - for call center or simple phone system administration

Telebroad's Analytics is a collection of tools and web interfaces providing you with  statistical and advanced reports.

Analytics also includes an administration feature for a simple phone system. It includes a real time control panel for all the active and holding calls where various manual operations can be performed to affect call assignment, record calls, and listen in on calls for training and overseeing purposes.

Statistics measurement cover calls traffic, users' activity, and group loads. A detailed log of calls, with attached audio recordings, is also maintained for micro level administration capabilities.

See detailed user guides and FAQ for Analytics here

TeleConsole - for users and agents

The primary software tool for your office users is Telebroad's TeleConsole.

The TeleConsole provides your users with with a personal control panel to track, monitor, and manage all of their daily communications. You can make, receive, and access calls (including a built-in PBX functionality for internal company calling), messages, voicemails, faxes, and contacts. It also provides logs with specific details about call history, length of calls, and customer information. 

The TeleConsole runs on various platforms:

Telephone Numbers - Porting, E911, and More

We have a whole section of the support portal to help you with anything related to phone numbers setup and requirements.

  • Porting- If you are porting services from another provider to Telebroad we have both a general description of what the process entails as well as detailed step by step instructions to make porting numbers and services to Telebroad timely and easy.

  • An extensive overview of E911 support procedures and steps you may need to perform to ensure all your Telebroad phone numbers have access to emergency services.

  • Examine how Metered Extensions let you save on monthly subscription fees for users with low call volume needs.

  • Learn how Cloned Extensions saves you money by doubling the potential of an existing extension.

System Features

Telebroad offers many system features to help you administrate your call center and enhance the productivity of your office users.


  • Mobility features to allow you and your office users  to take work on the road and be available to clients from anywhere.

Telebroad Apps

Telebroad apps are several pieces of free software that complement and enhance the functionality of your existing  office software or allow you to perform communication operations directly from your browser.

Chrome SMS Extension - allows you to send SMS messages directly from a Chrome web browser utilizing an existing Telebroad account.

Click to Call - speeds up your dialing experience by converting any web page phone number into a clickable quick-dialing link. The app also includes an auto dialing feature.

Print2Fax - allows you to send faxes directly from any windows program.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration - a browser extension that gives direct dialing functionality to users of Microsoft’s Dynamics. Additional features of the integration are automatic cross referencing and the ability to take call notes in a floating window.

Microsoft Outlook Integration - a Windows plugin that provides calling and SMS messaging directly from Microsoft's Outlook. It can also create new contacts automatically based on caller ID and log call details into the calendar.

Zoho PhoneBridge Integration - an online integration that connects a Zoho CRM account with Telebroad's VoIP services, giving the CRM user a click-to-call function for any Zoho contact, automatic logging of a user's calls to his Zoho's activity records, and a pop-up window for incoming calls.

Telephone User Guides

We have user guides to get you started with basic phone functions and operations. Our system features dial codes allow for quick execution of certain phone functions. Provisioning walkthrough guides will help you with the initial phone setup.

User guides for Poly SIP phones models VVX 301/311, 401/411, 601 and VVX 250/350/450.

User guides for Yealink SIP phones models T43U, T46S, T48S, T53/T53W, T54W/T57W,  and T58A.

User guides for Yealink DECT (wireless) phones W56P and W59R.

User guides for conference phones Poly SoundStation 6000, Yealink CP930, and Yealink CP960 .

You can also find quick reference guides and key layouts for all above models here.

If you have an older phone, see this folder of user guides for discontinued/unsupported models, including some Cisco and Konftel phones.

Zapier Integrations


Zapier is a cloud based platform that allows you to integrate Telebroad communication services with over two thousands apps and and online software systems to create automated workflows and share data.

Integration can be set up in minutes and are calls Zaps. They require no coding or programming knowledge. You simply select Telebroad and another app, set up login details for both, and select a trigger on one app and an action caused by this trigger on the other. Zapier does the rest for you.

Learn how to create Zaps here.

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