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The Microsoft Web URL is a Windows application

 that add calling capabillities to Microsoft's Outlook with your existing Outlook contacts. Calls can also be made from the integration's screen.

The integration runs from the Telebroad's Integration Manager - a software that function as a launcher and settings control point of Telebroad's Windows integrations.  

Installation and Removal

The full integration has two components that are installed separetly. One operates from the Telebroad Intergration Manager and the other is a plugin that installs into the Outlook software.

Installing the Integration Manager

  The installer is an executable file that may trigger your antivirus or firewall software and interfere with the installation process. Either mark the installation as safe when prompted by your security software or, if this doesn't work, disable the relevant security software temporarily just for the duration of the installation.

If you have previously installed either Telebroad's Web URL or Microsoft Outlook integrations you should already have the Integration Manager installed. If this is the case, skip this section and proceed to the configuration and settings section. 

Otherwise follow these steps to install Telebroad's Integration Manager:

  •  Download the integration's initial setup file by either:

    • Copying (or clicking) this link to your web browser - http://integrate.telebroad.com/Publish/setup.exe.

    • Select Apps from the top menu on Telebroad's home page.

      If you are using a mobile device you can download the setup file but you will have to copy it to your Windows computer to run it. The integration manager only runs on Windows computers!

      Scroll down to the second section of the page ("Apps and integrations for your daily needs"), click the Microsof Outlook Integration button to open an information window, and click GET It NOW.

  • A file called setup.exe will be downloaded to your Downloads folder (or to any other folder that is designated for downloading files in your browser's settings.) 

    Once downloaded, click on the file in your browser to run it or locate it in the relevant folder and double-click it. 

  • Depending on your version of Windows, you may see one or several notifications about the application trying to make changes to your device or that ".... this file type can potentially harm your computer...".

    These are normal and appear with most software installations. Just give the setup file a permission to proceed by clicking Allow or Run when prompted by the notification.

  • The installer will now download a required Microsoft component and the main 14.5MB file of the Telebroad Integration Manager. Once downloaded it will ask you for permission to Install itself. 

  • When the installation is complete the integration manager will now run itself or you can launch it from the Telebroad folder under the Windows start menu.

Click Install when the prompted by the installer. The 8.24MB plugin file will now be downloaded and get installed in your Outlook software. Once this is finished relaunch Outlook to make the plugin functional. 

Uninstalling the Integration Manager

There is a setting in HHAeXchange integration that allows you to disable it (see below). 

Still, if you need to remove the HHAeXchange integration for any reason, you will need to uninstall the entire integration manager.

To do so, depending on your Windows version, launch the Control Panel or Settings.

  • On Windows 10 you need to access the Settings screen and select Apps.

    On the Apps & features screen scroll down to find "Telebroad Integration Manager".

    Click it to reveal the related options and select Uninstall. Approve the uninstall request when prompted.

  • On Windows 8.1 and earlier Windows versions you need to access the Control Panel screen and select Programs>Remove a program installation.

    Scroll down to find and check "Telebroad Integration Manager". Click Uninstall/Change at the top of the programs list and approve the uninstall request.

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