Faxes - Sending, Receiving, and Viewing

Select   on the top-left corner to access the Fax screen. The screen is divided to two columns - one for selecting previous fax transmissions, and one for viewing their content or to compose a new fax transmition.

If you are not able to see or receive faxes check the eFax Channels - MANAGE FAX ACCOUNTS option in the TeleConsole's settings and ensure that at least one of your fax channels is active!

Fax Content and Options

From the list of faxes, select any fax to show its content. 

Faxes you received are shown as a black and white image while faxes you sent are shown in color. For received faxes you will see the sender's and recipient's (your) phone numbers at the top of the fax document.  

Click   to select what type of faxes are shown in the list of faxes - All Faxes, Sent Faxes, Received Faxes, or Failed Faxes. The later are faxes that failed to deliver due to (usually) the recipient's line not being physically connected or not being available (such as when someone using a TeleConsole account deactivates all his eFax channels.)


On the top-right corner of the screen you have additional options for the fax or the other party:

  • Selectto place a call to the other party who sent you the fax or received it from you. The dial pad screen will open with the other party's number automatically inserted in the call recipient's field.

  • Select to download a copy of the fax as a PDF to your local or network drive.

  • Select   to access additional menu options ---

    • Select to open existing contact details of the person who you are conversing with or to add him as a new contact.

    • Select   to send an SMS/MMS message to the other party who sent you the fax or received it from you. The other party's number will be automatically inserted in the To filed on the new conversation screen.

    • Select   to delete the fax transmition. Select DELETE when prompted to approve the deletion.

Sending a New Fax

Click   to send a new fax transmission to a contact.

Enter a contact's name or number in the To field. Matching results, for both company and personal contacts, will be suggested. Select the desired one(s). If you selected one by mistake click   next to it to remove it.

If a contact has more than one phone number all will be shown. Make sure to select a number that can accept faxes!

You can select a different caller ID for your fax line by clicking the From: drop-down menu. The default number appearing here every time your send a new fax is selected in the Default Fax Number option of the TeleConsole's settings.

Drag and drop the file you want to fax from another window to the Attach file box or click the box to open a navigation window and select the relevant file.

The file you attached shows up as a thumbnail and you can remove it by selecting . You can only attach one file for each fax. If you need to send multiple files you will have to combine them into one file or send multiple faxes.

Click SEND to send the fax.

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