What Is PBX and How It Can Improve Your Business?

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is private telephone network that acts as an internal switch board and provides the workers with both internal and external communication as well as connection to public switch boards.


The main advantages of a PBX compared to a traditional phone setup are that workers can easily dial each other using extensions, phone lines can be easily rerouted without physically moving them, and that workers can share lines for making calls. All of these make PBX much more cost effective than traditional setup.

Modern PBX system uses the Internet Protocol to handle communication and calls using existing broadband connections. Telebroad PBXcellent system offers a seamless integration of Internet Telephony Service and a PBX system. The system is sophisticated, flexible, and completely software based. It only requires a high-speed Internet connection and the use of IP phones.

With PBXcellent there is no need to buy and maintain any hardware making it much simpler to install and operate, and reducing its cost to a fraction of the price of a traditional PBX system. PBXcellent other prominent advantage is that it can unify your entire enterprise with one communication system, even when not all staff members are located under one roof - home based, office based, or on the road. PBXcellent can also be to customized to suit your organization's needs, and be expanded organically as it grows

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