Listening to Voicemail

Your phone may indicate new voicemail messages by the following:

  • A message in the status bar, as shown next. The message indicates the number of new messages you have. The count is a total of all messages on all lines on the phone.

  • A flashing Message Waiting Indicator, located at the top-right of your phone.

  • An audible alert (if your phone is on-hook).

To listen to voicemail messages:

  • Press the Messages key and select Message Center. Or, from Home view, select Messages soft key and select Message Center.

  • If multiple lines are configured on your phone, the Line Select screen displays. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the line that has the message.

  • From the Messages screen, press Connect and follow the prompts.

You can also listen to voicemail using system features dial codes. See more information here.

To temporarily remove the message counter, press the Messages key, and select Message Center (or select Messages soft key from Home view, and select Message Center) and press Clear. After a period of time, usually about an hour or two, the message indicators will display again.

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