Call Forwarding

The main purpose of call forwarding is to allow you to setup calls to be routed to a designated number, freeing you to receive calls even when you away from your office phone.


The feature is very flexible and has various options. You can forward calls to external numbers or internal extensions. You can forward calls to multiple numbers in a sequence of importance. You can set the feature to ring several numbers at once. And you can set the feature to forward calls automatically to your voicemail (which can be set to be emailed to you using another Telebroad feature).


No matter what option you choose, it will make it easier for you to step away from your office phone and become more mobile. 


Call forwarding to another number can be activated directly from your office phone (depending on the model) using dial codes. For the other options you will have to use the Telebroad interface. 


Additionally the feature has the extended function for mobile phones. Calls forwarded to a mobile phone which has the Telebroad mobile softphone app can be transferred back to aTelebroad phone or extension with a touch of a button.

Scheduled Forwarding

Scheduled forwarding is an extension of the basic usability of call forwarding. The idea behind it is that some users or employees would need to forward calls only during certain times, hence the concept of a schedule, which saves the user the need to enable and disable forwarding on a daily basis. 

A common example would be an a user who would like to be available for clients after work hours. He will recieve calls in his office phone between 9:00AM-5:00PM, without any forwarding enabled. Between 5:01PM and 9:30PM he would have a scheduled forwarding to his mobile phone. And from 9:31PM-8:59AM he would have scheduled forwarding to his office voice mail as to not be disturbed. 

Schedules can be set to work on a daily cycle or contain conditions to make them tailored to a user's specification, like a condition that disabled the schedule on weekends or another one that forwards a call to voice mail if the call has been answered.