Porting Process Overview and Advice

While each provider may have a slightly different work process, in general these are the stages you should expect before and during a porting process:

  •  Make sure you don’t have any past due bills or pending orders with your current provider as these may delay the porting process.

  • contact your existing provider and ask for a copy of your latest bill, your customer number, account number, your account manger’s details, and your CSR (customer service record) which lists all your current numbers. If you can’t get your CSR immediately we will obtain it on your behalf you once we receive the LOA.

  • Fill and sign the LOA (Letter of Authorization) form and submit it to us a long with any other documents we may require. The LOA provides us with the legal authority to port your numbers to Telebroad. The details on the LOA must match exactly your with your current provider and your CSR. A common mistake is when clients provide their billing address instead of their service address.

  • We will review the LOA and email you an acknowledgment of receiving it or return it to you to fix any errors if we spot them. We will initiate the porting process and work with your existing provider until the port request is approved and a date is set for the porting to take place. We will then give you an FOC notice - Firm Order Commitment as well as a list of the numbers to be ported, which you should review carefully.

  • It is possible to cancel a port request at this point with a fee. The fee varies according to the number of days the cancellation notice was given before the port date.

  • If approval and porting date were not provided it is an indication of a possible rejection. In that case you should be receiving email explaining the reason for the rejection and what is needed to be corrected in order to restart the process with better results. On rare occasions you will be notified by your existing carrier that the port cannot be performed because of rate or geographical restrictions.

  • After a successful porting and setup of your numbers please perform some tests to see that they are working fine.

  • Then, and only then you should contact your existing provider and ask them to terminate service (do not do so before or you may risk losing your numbers!)

Your Telebroad representative will assist you with any issues or questions that may arise during each of these stages.

Here is how you can contact us.

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