Polycom VVX301/310 Phone Views

The Polycom VVX 300/310 models have three main views: Home, Calls, and Lines.  Home view displays your messages, settings, and information. Lines view is your phone’s default phone view and displays your phone lines, your favorites, and conditional soft keys. In Calls view, you can see all your active and held calls.

To change views:

  • For Home view, press  .

  • From Home view, press   to display either Lines or Call view.

The views you can access depend on the number of calls your phone has, and whether your phone has an active call. If your phone is idle, you can access Home and Lines view by pressing   . If your phone has only one active call, you can access the Home and Lines view by pressing . If your phone has multiple calls, or one held call, you can access Home, Lines, and Calls view by pressing .

At the top of each view is a status bar, which shows the date and time and important phone messages.

Home View

You can display Home view by pressing   . At the bottom of Home view is a page Indicator that shows how many pages of icons Home view displays.

Press the Down or Up arrow key to navigate the pages in Home view. To select a menu option press the Right or Left arrow key to choose a menu option, and press Select.

The following icons display in Home view:

  • New Call - displays the Dialer so you can place a call.

  • Messages - provides you with access your voicemail.

  • Directories - enables you to access your Contact Directory, Favorites, Recent Calls list, Corporate Directory and Buddy Status List.

  • Forward - sets up forwarding options for incoming calls on your line.

  • DND - enables Do Not Disturb for your phone. When DND is enabled, your phone doesn’t ring and incoming calls go to voicemail.

  • Settings - provides you with access to phone features and settings you can use to customize your phone.

The following are additional icons available on your phone:

  • Applications - provides you with access to a menu of custom applications. See your administrator for information about any applications available for your phone.

  • Calendar - show a calendar with your meeting details. You can also join meetings from your phone using the calendaring feature

Lines View

Lines view  is your phone’s default display. Lines view displays your phone line(s), your favorites, and soft keys. 

If your phone is idle, you can press a line key to access the Dialer.

If your phone has calls, the phone line indicates the number of calls you have, and if they’re active or held. If the phone line has an active call, the call color is medium grey, as shown next. If the phone line has one or more held calls, the call color is light grey, as shown next.

The number of total calls is shown above the calls. To select a call, use the Up and Down arrow keys.

Calls View

You can access Calls view if your phone has an active and held call in progress, or you have one call on 

hold. In Call view, you can use the up and down arrow keys to see all your active and held calls. If your 

phone has more than on line, your calls display under the associated line, as shown next.

The following colors indicate the call statuses on your phone:

  • Medium grey - active call.
  • Dark grey - incoming call

  • Light grey - held call

Use the Up and Down arrow keys to highlight a call. Press the Hold, End Call, Transfer, or More soft keys to apply a function to the highlighted call.

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