Hold and Resume

You can place any active call on hold. When you place a call on hold, the held party may hear either a ringing tone or music as determined by either your phone system administrator or your TeleConsole's phone setting "While call ring play the caller" option.

A held call displays in Home, Lines, and Calls view as follows:

To hold a call:

From Active Call, Lines, or Calls view, tap Hold. If you’re in Calls view, be sure to highlight the call first.

To resume a held call:

Do one of the following:

  • From Lines view, tap Resume.

    If there’s more than one held call on the line, the last call that you held will be resumed.

    If you have multiple lines and you tap Resume, the last call that you held—on either line—will be resumed.

  • From Calls view, tap the call to highlight it, and tap Resume.

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