Additional Voicemail Mini-Features

Telebroad's voicemail come standard with a several mini-features to increase productivity and ease of use:

  • Answer voicemails with text or fax - when accessing voicemails from Telebroad TeleConsole, in addition to being able to make a call back with a click of a button, a user also get a handy option to make a reply to the caller with a text or a fax. This is also as easy as a click of a button, which will take the user to the texting or fax screen with the caller's detailed already entered in the relevant fields.

  • Easy contacts management - Accessing voicemails from Telebroad's Teleconsole also allows users to directly add or edit the caller's details in their contacts data base. Click a button and the caller's contact details will be displayed for editing, or will be added to a new contacts entry.

  • Date, time, duration, and call ID info - A date, time, and caller ID of a call are automatically stamped to each voicemail and the user gets the option to have any of them played when he retrieves the voicemail message. The user also can choose to have duration of a message played.

  • Forward messages to other extension mailboxes - a great feature for users going on vacation who can have messages forwarded to other extensions and have their clients assisted by co-workers.

  • Scenario based personal or automated greeting - Users can record their own greeting or use an automatic system greeting.

    Additionally users can have the system play greetings based on scenarios. One greeting will be played if a call is unanswered, another if the user is unreachable (like when he is logged out or enabled Do Not Disturb mode on his phone), and another will be played if a user is busy with another call. A user can also choose to have only his name played instead of a full greeting.

  • Departmental voicemail - Telebroad's ACD can be setup to move calls that have not been answered by one or several agents into a shared departmental voicmail, accessible by everyone is the department. Voicemails can then be addressed by agents as they become available instead of lingering in one agent's mailbox who may unavailable of an extended period of time.
  • Remote access to voicemails by a designated phone number - Telebroad has various mobility features to assist users in accessing voicemails remotely. But for increased security, a user can designate one additional specific phone number where voicemails can be accessed from. All other access methods will be blocked.

  • Multilingual voicemail support - for ease of use for users and agents everywhere in the world.

  • Automatic email and mobile phone notifications - choose to have audio files of every voicemail emailed to you. You can also have your mobile phone ring every time you receive a new voicemail, allowing you to listen to it on the spot.

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