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Account – Editing, Password, DND, Ignore Group Calls, Mark as Read

Access/Logout and Connectivity

To access your account tap    on the top-left corner (the menu is available from any TeleConsole screen.) 

Tap Log Out at the bottom to exit your account. You will not receive any real-time communication, updates, and alerts while you are signed out!

Your name, extension, and SIP phone line (internal phone number on your company phone system) are shown at the top of the screen. There is also an indication if the TeleConsole is Online or Offline. Offline status may be because either your device has no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, there is a problem with your account, or there is a problem with the Telebroad server. You can check the status of the Telebroad server here and look at the Mobile Apps (iPhone & Android) indicator.  

Account Options

The account menu has several important options to manage calls and messages.

Do Not Disturb

Toggle Do Not Disturb on if you temporarily can't be bothered to answer calls. 

When activated, all of your TeleConsole calls will go directly to voicemail and a "TeleConsole is on Do Not Disturb " message will be displayed at the top of the screen. 

If you have more than one phone line on your account, DND applies to all of them. You cannot enable or disable DND for each line separately!

Users in your company will see a Do Not Disturb status next to your name in their TeleConsole's contacts. You can quickly turn off Do Not Disturb by tapping the message and selecting OK when prompted.


Note that when DND is active your calls will not be forwarded even if the forwarding option is activated in the TeleConsole settings.

Do Not Disturb only affect calls. If you don't want to be bothered with faxes or SMS messages you need to deactivate their respective channels in the TeleConsole's settings. 

If you activate Do Not Disturb directly from your phone (usually found in your Android's Quick Settings accessed by swiping from the top of the screen downward) the TeleConsole will display a "Phone is on Do Not Disturb" message. When activated both your TeleConsole calls and calls to your phone get affected and go to the respective voicemail (you need to make sure a mailbox is set up for your phone.) You can tap the message to access settings related to your phone's Do Not Disturb.

Ignore Group Calls

Toggle Ignore Group Calls on if you want to receive calls only dialed directly to you instead of ones arriving in your group. It is essentially like logging out of all the queues you belong to.

Mark all as Read

Tapping Mark all as Read will mark all messages as having been read, showing them without a bold blue type.

Upload Logs

This will upload certain TeleConsole performance and error logs to our server and may help us diagnose and fix issues with your account. 

Edit Profile Screen

Tap Edit Profile button to change your name, email, or password. Tap SAVE when you finished making any changes.

Resetting your password from here is useful if you need to use the TeleConsole on a different device and can't remember your current password.

To change your profile picture (avatar), tap     and select a new picture from the gallery.

The other fields here are rather self-explanatory. 

When changing your password you must reenter it in the Confirm Password field to avoid typos. You can tap (visibility iconto show the passwords as you type them. Remember that your password is case sensitive (your user name is not.) 

  If you change your email and you use your email as your user name when signing in, you would need to contact us to set you up with a new login password.