Yealink W56P – Call Transfer (to a Contact/to a Held Call)

Types of Call Transfer

You can transfer a call on the Yealink DECT W56P to a different contact/number or to an existing call on hold.

There are three types of call transfer:

  • Blind Transfer: Transfer a call directly to another party without consulting.

  • Semi-Attended Transfer: Transfer a call when the target phone is ringing.

  • Attended Transfer: Transfer a call with prior consulting.

Another transfer method, using a Telebroad system dial code, allows you to transfer a call directly to a voicemail of your choice.

  Note that internal incoming call cannot be transferred on the Yealink W56P.

Transferring a Call to a Contact/Number 

To transfer a call:

  • During a call press    or press the Options soft key and select Transfer.

  • Enter the number of the intended recipient or press the Directory soft key and select the desired contact.

  • Press    or    to dial out (for directory contact you can also press the Call soft key.)

  • Do one of the following:

    • Blind transfer: Press    or the Transfer soft key to complete the transfer.

    • Semi-attended transfer: When you hear the ring-back tone, press the    or the Transfer soft key to finish the transfer.

    •  An attended (consultative) transfer: After the contact answers and agree to accept the call, press    or key or the Transfer soft key to finish the transfer.

Transfer an Active to a Held Call

To transfer a call when there are two calls on the handset:

  • Establish two calls by calling user A, placing the call on hold, and calling user B.

  • Select the desired call (e.g., the call with user A) to make it active.

  • Press the Options soft key and select Call Transfer.

    The screen displays the target party (user B) you will transfer the call to.

  • Press the Transfer soft key to complete the transfer.

    A call is established between user A and User B.

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