Blocking Calls With the Blacklist Directory

You can store up to 30 entries in the Blacklist directory to block unwanted callers. Incoming calls from contacts/numbers on the Blacklist directory are rejected automatically. 

Adding Contact/Numbers to the Blacklist

You can add numbers/contacts to the Blacklist directory by either entering them manually or by adding them from the call history.

To enter a number in the Blacklist directory:

  • Navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Blacklist.

  • Select Add.

  • Enter the contact information you wish to blacklist.

  • Select Save.

To add a record from the call history to the Blacklist directory:

  • Select History or Menu>History.

    The phone displays all call records.

  • Select the desired list.

  • Highlight the desired entry and select Options.

  • Select Add To Blacklist.

  • Select Yes when prompted to approve the addition. 

Viewing, Editing, and Deleting Blacklist Items

You must delete a contact from the Blacklist directory before you can accept calls from him again. 

To view, edit, and delete blacklisted contacts:

  • Navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Blacklist.

  • Use the arrow buttons to look through the blacklisted items.

    Highlight a contact/number and

    • Select Options>Detail to edit the selected contact.

      Edit the blacklist contact information and select Save.

    • Select Options>Delete to delete the contact.

      Select Yes when prompted to approve the deletion.

      Once a contact is removed from the blacklist you can receive his calls normally.

You can also navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Blacklist and select Options>Delete All to remove all the contacts from the blacklist.

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