Call Transfer - Consultative

When you transfer a call to another person when his phone rings, or you have the option to talk to the intended recipient first before going forward with the transfer. This is called a consultative transfer.


If your phone supports it, you can also transfer a call without talking to the other person, which is called a blind transfer - see separate article.

Another transfer method, using Telebroad's system features, allows you to transfer a call directly to a voicemail of your choice.

To perform a transfer or a consultative transfer:

  • From either the Lines or Calls view, press    (transfer key) or the Transfer soft key. The active call is held.

  • From the Dialer, place a call to the person you want to transfer the call to.

  • When you hear the ring-back sound, press  press    or the Transfer soft key to complete the transfer.

    Or, let the call connect and talk and consult with the person first, and then press either Transfer key option to complete the transfer.

    If you’re using a handset, you can also complete a transfer by replacing the handset.

  • To cancel the transfer before the call connects, tap the Cancel soft key.

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