Voicemail to Email and Online Voicemail Access.

Telebroad offers features that free users from depending on their office phones solely for accessing voice messages.

Voicemail to Email is a feature that  makes it  convenient for for users to listen to voice messages anywhere they have email access. The feature is customizable for every user who can select an email address where he will receive his messages. Voicemails are then sent to both the phone and the specified email address in the form of an MP3 attachment that can be easily saved, archived, or emailed to other parties.


Each voicemail email also contains a special link that allows the message to be deleted from the phone system, helping in managing messages.

Read more about Voicemail to Email here (the link refers to a Polycom model, but works on all brands.)

Users can also access their voicemails (as well as faxes, chats, logs and internal messages) from anywhere they have Internet access and a web browser. A user simply uses his Telebroad account and login into the TeleConsole web interface where voicemails are displayed and can be played or deleted.

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