Accessing Voicemail/ Voicemail Options (Greetings and PIN)

Access your voicemails directly from your phone by pressing a dedicated button or a combination of soft keys or from the TeleConsole (see relevant web,  AndroidWindows, or iOS versions.)

Another handy access method is with a dial code.

To access your voicemail with a dial code:

  • When the phone is idle, dial *1.

  • Follow the voice prompts as needed.

  • Press 0 for mailbox options and then...

    • Press 1 to create or change your Unavailable Greeting (played when you don't answer your phone.)

    • Press to create or change your Busy Greeting (played when you are on another call.)

    • Press to create or change your Temporary Greeting (played if you are unreachable, like when you are logged out of all your queues or toggled your availability status to Do not disturb.)

    • Press to create or change your Name (played if the Unavailable Greeting is not setup. The system will play your name followed by saying "is unavailable".)
    • Press 5 to create or change your voicemail PIN (Personal Identification Number to secure access to the mailbox.)

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