Voicemail Configuration and Access

When receiving a new voice mail, the phone will play a warning tone. The touch screen will prompt “n New Voice Mail(s)” (“n” indicates the number of unread voice mails, e.g., 42 New Voice Mail(s)) and display an icon    with a counter indicating the number of messages you haven’t heard yet.


If the voice mail pop-up message box disappears, it won't pop up again unless the user receives a new voice mail or the user re-registers the account that has unread voice mail(s).  Your administrator can configure the the phone not to display the pop-up prompt.

Before listening to voice mails, you need to make sure the voice mail access code has been configured properly. Alternatively you can use a Telebroad system code dialed from your phone or remotely to listen to your voicemails and access voicemail options (such as greetings and PIN)

To configure voice mail access codes via phone user interface:

  • Tap   to launch Message application.

  • Tap Set Voice Mail.

  • Enter *1 (the voice mail access code) in the desired account field.

  • Tap   to accept the change or    to cancel.

To listen to voice mails:

  • When the touch screen prompts that the phone receives a new voice mail, tap Connect to dial out the voice mail access code (the code must be defined in advance as explained above.)

  • Follow the voice prompt to listen to your voice mails.

To view the voice mail via phone user interface:

  • Tap   to launch Message application.

  • Tap View Voice Mail.

  • The touch screen displays the amount of new and old voice mails.

  • You can tap the account to listen to voice mails.

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