Making or Rejecting Anonymous Calls

You can use the anonymous call feature to block your identify and phone number from appearing to the recipient. Anonymous call is configurable on a per-line basis. 

You can also select an Unknown or Blocked caller ID in the TeleConsole's general or phone settings (see web, Android, or iOS versions) or use Telebroad's Private Caller ID dial code to achieve the same result. 

Your phone also has a feature to automatically block incoming anonymous calls, some of which may be unsolicited. Additional features to block unwanted calls and SPAM text messages are available from the TeleConsole and the Admin Portal. See more information here

Making Anonymous Calls

To configure anonymous calls dialing:

  • From the idle screen select Menu and navigate to Features > Anonymous (Anonymous Call).

  • Select the desired line.

  • Turn on Local Anonymous.

  • Select Save.

Anonymous call dialing (and rejection) is also configurable via the web user interface at the path Account > Basic.

To place an anonymous call:

  • Use the specific line you configured above on the phone to place a call to another phone.

  • The screen of the other phone will display an incoming call from an anonymous or an unknown source.

If the recipient has enables an anonymous call rejection on his phone, you may be prompted that the he does not accepts calls from an anonymous number.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous call rejection automatically rejects incoming calls from callers who deliberately block their identities and numbers from being displayed. Anonymous call rejection is configurable on a per-line basis. When active your phone will not ring and you will not be notified of an attempted call.

To configure anonymous calls rejection:

  • From the idle screen select Menu and navigate to Features > Anonymous (Anonymous Call).

  • Select the desired line .

  • Turn on Local Anonymous Rejection (Anonymous Rejection).

  • Select  Save.

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