Transferring Calls (Consultative and Blind)

You can transfer active or held calls to another person using the following transfer types:

  • Blind transfer - transfers the call directly to another line without first speaking with the intended recipient of the transfer.

  • Consultative transfer - enables you to speak with the intended recipient of the transfer before completing the transfer.

Choosing a Default Transfer Type

When you choose a default transfer type the phone uses the selected transfer type for all calls. You can change this on the fly (see below.) Consultative is the default transfer type.

To choose a default transfer type:

  • From the Main Menu screen navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences.

  • Select Default Transfer Type

  • Choose a transfer type.

Transfering a Call

You can transfer a call to another contact and choose the transfer type you want to use for the call.

 To transfer a call:

  • During a call do one of the following:

    • Press the Transfer soft key or    to use the default transfer type.

      Press and hold the Transfer soft key key or    to to use the non-default transfer type.

      For example, if Blind is the default, press and hold Transfer to perform a Consultative transfer.

    • Press the Transfer > More soft keys, and select Blind or Consultative.

      Depending on the default transfer type, either the Blind or Consultative option displays. For example, if the default transfer type is Blind, then you can select Consultative.

  • Dial a number or choose a contact from Recent Calls or a directory.

    If the transfer type is set to Blind, the call is transferred immediately.

    If the transfer type is set to Consultative, select Transfer after speaking with your intended contact.

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