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How to Change the Default Email App on Android Devices?

When you select a contact's email in the TeleConsole the default email app will be launched. This is the case if you use the dedicated Android app or access the TeleConsole on a web browser (you need to select Desktop Mode on a browser.) Changing the default email app works the same for either.

Initial Email App Selection

The first time you try to email someone the TeleConsole will prompt you to pick an email app and select if to use it JUST ONCE or ALWAYS.

If you select JUST ONCE you can pick a different email app the next time you try to email someone. If you select ALWAYS future emails will be sent using the app you picked. 

Clearing the Default App Method (Works on All Android Devices)

This is the most common method and should work, with slight variations, on any Android device.

If you selected ALWAYS when picking an email app and you want to change your choice do the following:

  • Go to your Android settings and select Apps.

  • Depending on your device and Android skin you may also need to select Manage apps or any other option that will take you to the list of apps on your device.

  • Find the app you have selected to Always email with  (for example "Gmail".)

  • On some Android versions you can select Clear defaults directly. On others, you need to first select Set as default.

Default Apps Selection Screen (Available on Some Android Devices)

You don't necessarily have to select ALWAYS with this method because it is likely your device has already  a default email app selected.

If supported by your device, do the following to change the default email app:

  • Go to your Android settings and select Apps.

  • Select Manage apps.

  • Tap the menu button () on the top-right corner.
  • Select Default apps.

  • Select Emai and select your desired email app from the available apps.