Mobile Softphone

Offices nowadays are much less bound by a specific physical location and a mobile business communication solution is essential for the performance of employees.


Telebroad offers a mobile softphone application that is preconfigured to the Telebroad servers. It is easily installed and setup on any Android smartphone or tablet to smoothly integrate the Telebroad PBX system. The applications provides an intuitive calling and chatting interface and give users full access to all their contacts, voicemails, faxes, chats, business SMS, internal chats, and call logs.

Users saves cellular minutes and enjoy the unlimited calling plans offered by Telebroad. Most importantly, it allows them to make calls using the phone number and caller ID they use in the office, giving them the convenience of needing only one mobile device to manage both personal and business needs.

See more information here about both the Android and iOS versions of Telebroad's mobile softphone solution.

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