IP Address and Web User Interface Access

In order to access the web user interface you first need to find out the IP address of your W80 or W90.

Finding the IP Address

To find the IP address do one of the following:

  • If you have a handset already registered press the OK button on the handset and navigate to Status>DM>IPv4 to see the IP address. This only works with the W80DM/W90DM!

  • The Yealink Discovery Tool is a Windows app that scans your network and shows a list of all Yealink devices available on it.

    You can download it from here. The file is called "IP DiscoveryTool.zip".

    • After downloading it uncompress is and run it.

      The app is an executable file that may trigger a virus a warning. Either mark the app as safe when prompted by your security software or, if this doesn't work, disable the security software temporarily just for the duration of use! If you don't wish to do that you can try to use the command line prompt (see next.)

    • You need to ask your network administrator for the network segment assigned to your work environment.

      Once you have it, enter a value in the IP search rules field.

      The first two digits match the first two digits of your IP network segment.

      The last two digits indicate the search range for the last two digits of the IP network segment. A dash can be used to match a range of digits. A comma can be used as a separator.


      Enter to search all network segments with 10.81.6.xx.

      Enter 10.81.1,6.1-255 to search all network segments with 10.81.1.xx and 10.81.6.xx.

    • Click Scan.

    • A list of base stations and DECT managers with their assigned IP addresses will be returned.

  • If you don't have a Windows computer you will need to find an app that scans and shows devices and their network information on your network.

    Alternatively, if you are comfortable using the Terminal (Mac) or Command Line (Linux), you can just obtain the list of devices with the "arp -a" command. See more information here. This method also works on Windows computers.

    The resulted list of devices will not include a Product Name column as in the Yealink Discovery tool. To find the IP address look at the rear of your W80 or W90 and note down the MAC address (physical address). Look for the MAC address in the list and you can find the associated IP address of your W80/w90 (copy and paste the list into text editor with a "find" function to make this easier.)  

Accessing the Web User Interface

You can use the web user interface to set up the multi-cell system and configure your DECT network.

When accessing the web user interface you will be prompted for a user name and password. You can sign in as either a user or an administrator.

For security, after accessing the web user interface you should change the password by clicking the Security tab and selecting Password. You will have to log back in after doing so.  

To access the web user interface:

  • Find out the current IP address of the W80 or W90 as explained above.

  • Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and enter the IP address in the address bar (for example "").

  • Enter the user name and password on the login page and click Login.

    For a user (with limited access to some settings) the default user name and password is both “user” (case-sensitive).

    For an administrator (who has unlimited access to all features) the default user name and password is both “admin” (case-sensitive).

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