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Admin Center Account and Profile


The Admin Center's Account options let you manage general settings of the phone system and the signed-in account owner profile (the phone system's administrator or individual who is invoiced for the phone service.) 

Access it from Admin Center Menu>Account. Currently only the Settings tab is functional. Upcoming releases of the Admin Center will add three new tabs  Plan Info, Invoices, and Orders that will provide details about your service plan, invoices, and payment methods, and let you place orders for phone equipment and additional Telebroad services.

Account Settings

Under the Account Settings tab you can see four expandable categories to manage the general settings of the phone system, the profile of the account owner, roles, and account security.

Account Profile

The Account Profile category can be viewed by all users with an Account Owner role, but presently it can only be modified by a system administrator. 

Organization Name: Self-explanatory. The organization name appears under the Accounts menu of the Admin Center. This is helpful for users who have multiple accounts, letting them know which account they are currently using.

Account owner First name/Last name: Self-explanatory.

Billing Address/Phone number/Email: Self-explanatory. A monthly invoice for the Telebroad phone system service will be emailed to the email address provided here.

PIN/Confirm PIN: If a PIN is entered and confirmed, the system will prompt for it for any features or account changes accessed over the phone. Leave this blank to disable the PIN prompt request.

Account Settings

Default timezone: This is the default timezone for the entire phone system, but TeleConsole users can select their own preferred timezone.

Default caller ID: Select the default caller ID for the entire phone system. TeleConole users can select the "Default" caller ID option when calling or faxing to apply this selection. They can also select their own preferred caller ID, if changing the caller ID is not restricted in  Account Security settings.

If you set the default caller ID to "Unkown" it will allow TeleConsole users to make anonymous calls when they prefer not to provide their number when calling. Just be aware that anonymous calls are more likely to get rejected and may also get phone numbers labeled as spam.

Include in Directory: Select Yes to include the account's users in the "Dial by name menu" feature. The "Dial by name menu" is found under the Predefined Features when selecting a routing destination or a feature. See this article for more details.

Dial by name order: Select how the system will prompt callers to enter and search for users' names when using the "Dial by name menu" – starting with the first name or starting with the last name

Parking timeout: Select how many minutes the system will wait before returning an unclaimed parked call back to the user originally parked it.

Default Music on Hold: Select to change the default music caller hear when they are placed on hold. You can pick existing music from or upload or record your own by selecting Add Music. To manage the music selection go to Admin Center Menu>Voice Features>Audio Files and select the Music On Hold tab.

Account Security

Restrict Caller ID changes for users: When enabled, users are not allowed to change caller ID for calls or faxing in the TeleConsole. This is useful when you want users to use only one specific caller ID that you define as the default caller ID.

Enforce two-factor authentication for all users: When enabled, a second security layer prompts users to provide an authentication code emailed to them after entering their Admin Center login credentials. Users can select to receive the code on the email addresses of any of their Telebroad accounts.

The setting is globally applied to all users for their Telebroad login credentials. It is not possible to enable it for individual users. However, users who sign in with Google or Microsoft credentials can enable separate two-factor authentication with these login methods.

User roles & privileges

The Roles value determines the access priviligies users are given to Admin Center functions and features. To change a user's role go to Admin Center Menu>Users & Phones>User Profile.

There are three System Default roles:

Account Owner – has administrator-level access to all the features, options, phone lines, and users of the Admin Center.

Basic User – can only access the Users & Phones options and only manage and modify his own phone lines.

Restricted User – cannot access the Admin Center.

System roles cannot be modified, but you can edit () or delete () new roles that you create.

Creating New Roles

Select ADD ROLE to create additional roles with various degrees of Admin Center access privileges to accommodate different users or scenarios. For example, you can add a Call Center Manager role that can access the Active Calls Switchboard and ACD Dashboard but doesn't have full administrator privileges.

Editing a Role

Create or edit a role to view and edit its properties. Find and check all the system components, features, destinations, menus, actions, and pages the user may access, operate, and modify in the Admin Center.

Role name/Description: Self-explanatory. The description is optional, but it is recommended you describe the function of the role if other Account Owners decide to use it.

Data Permissions: Expand each category and check the Users, Phone Numbers, Hunt Groups, and Call Queues that users with this role may view and modify.

View Permissions: 

  • Active Call Switchboard: Check the boxes to allow users with this role to view and operate features of the Active Call Switchboard – viewing Real Time Data Display, Hangup Calls, Join Calls (to talk with both parties or just the caller), Pickup Calls, and Transfer Calls.

  • Active Call Switchboard: Check the boxes to allow users with this role to view and operate features of the Acd Dashboard – viewing Real Time Data Display, Log In/out Agents, Hangup Calls, Join Calls (to talk with both parties or just the caller), Pickup Calls, and Transfer Calls.

  • Call Logs: Select to Allow users with this role access to calls logs (without access to call recording), Block them from accessing calls logs, or Allow With (access to call) Recordings.

Additional View Permissions: Check all the other boxes here to give access to other parts of the Admin Center. 

Note that for users, phone numbers, queues, and hunt groups only viewing permissions are granted here. To allow modifications and full control of these pages check them in the Data Permissions above.