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Audio Files (Admin Center Voice Features)

Usage and Audio Files Types

The Audio files screen lets you record, add, and manage sound files, music sequences, greetings, and announcements that can be used by various features of the phone system (a common use is for IVR menus and music on hold.) Access it from Admin Center Menu>Voice Features>Audio Files

There are two types of audio files available, appearing under two tabs  Sound Files and Music on Hold. The difference between the two is that Music on Hold is not (necessarily) a single audio file, but a sequence of up to ten files. 

If any of the tabs is empty would want to create a new sound or music.

On either tab, check one or more audio files or music and select    to delete them.

Select  on the top-right to download a CSV file of existing sounds or music files showing a file ID, name, description, and if the file was uploaded or not (indicated as TRUE or FALSE).

Select   to search for specific file(s) by name, or description. You can also search by the ID from the CSV file, as shown in the following example.

Listening to Audio Files

On the Sound Files tab, select in the Greeting column to play/pause an existing audio file. You can drag the playhead around to skip backward or forward and change or mute the playback volume with .Use the mini-menu () to the right of the audio player to Download a WAV file of the IVR or change the Playback Speed.

On the Music on Hold tab, select /in the Greeting column to play/pause the music's audio file in a sequence (if the button is greyed out it means no audio files have been yet added to the music.) You can only pause and play the music. To review and manage the music files inside the music sequence select it and expand the Music Files list (see below).

Adding a New Sound/Music

To add new audio files to the system, select ADD SOUND/ADD MUSIC under the relevant tab or Add Sound File/Add Music on Hold from the Voice Features Shortcut menu. Enter the name of the music or sound and select CREATE.

The Audio Files Settings screen will open, where you can expand the Music Files list and select Add Sound (Sound Files tab) or the button (Music on Hold tab) to upload, record, or use text-to-speech to add a new audio file. Select Save Sound to keep the new audio.

You can use existing sound files in a Music on Hold sequence, but not vice versa.

You can also have the system call you to record a sound file. To do so, select and Record From Phone on the Sound Files tab, fill in the Number to call field, and select Call me. The system will not show any dialing screen. Your phone will just ring and you will be prompted to record the audio file and press when finished. The recorded file will be named based on the date and time of the call. 

Audio Files Settings

Select any sound file or music or create a new one to show its settings. There are two expandable settings categories. When making changes you need to make sure to SAVE each category separately.

On the top-right you can use the arrows to select the next or previous sound without having to go back to the music or sounds list.

Music Info

Name: Self-explanatory. Names that are generated by the system (like when you call to record a sound) are based on the date and time the audio file was created.

Description: Self-explanatory. This is optional.

Play In Order (Music on Hold tab): Select how the music sequence will play In Order (in a sequence) or Random order.

Music File(s)

On the Sound Files tab you will see the current audio file with the same audio player and options as the main screen. Select Change (or Add Sound for a newly added fileto record, upload, or select a different file. you will see the option to Add Sound

On the Music on Hold tab you will see a list of ten music sequence files. Select to change a file or  to add a new one to the list.

Each sequence file can be played (), downloaded (), or deleted ( ). Note that when you delete a file the list will not shift upward, but there will be an empty file slot in the sequence. This empty slot will just be skipped when the sequence is played.

The Edit Sound Window

When selecting to add or change a sound file or music you will see two tabs:

  • Under the Audio tab you can Upload or Record a new file for the greeting. Select Save Sound to keep the file and assign it to the greeting.

    You can also select an Existing Sound to make a selection from already recorded or uploaded files (this is only available for Music on Hold).

  • Don't have a file to upload or prefer not to use your own voice for a greeting? No problem.

    Under the Text to Speech tab you can enter text and have it generated as an audio file with a voice, pitch, and accent of your choice. You can even select different languages and the text will be automatically generated in the selected language.

    Select Generate and Preview to listen to the greeting and if you are satisfied select Save Sound to keep it.

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