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Auto Replies

SMS Reply Automation

With Auto Replies you can add simple automation to SMS-enabled phone numbers and send general or keyword-related replies to SMS messages received on these numbers.

Automatic replies can include images and can be scheduled for specific dates or times. If you have multiple replies for a number, you can select priorities to determine the order they are delivered.

Existing and New Auto Replies

The Auto Replies screen is accessed at Admin Center Menu>SMS Features>Auto Replies. Select any auto-reply to edit it or check one or more auto-replies and select   to delete them.

Select  on the top-right to download a CSV list of existing auto replies. Select   to search for a specific auto replies.

Selecting ADD AUTO-REPLY creates a new auto-reply and directs you to its settings page (see next).

Auto-Replies Settings

Select any auto-reply or create a new one to show and configure its settings.

Name/Description: Self-explanatory. The description is optional.

Phone Number: Select a phone number to apply the auto-reply to.

Reply Once in: Select the frequency of replies  — Once Per Phone Number or every 1-12  hours, 1-6 days, 1-3 weeks, or every month.

Default Message/Attachment: Enter the text of the auto-reply message. 

(optional) Drop or select a file in the Attachment field to be included with the auto-reply message.

Priority: Select an auto-reply priority from 1 (highest) - 10 (lowest).

If you have auto-replies for the same number with the same schedule the highest priority will be delivered first.

Keywords: Enter any keywords that trigger the auto-reply (if the keywords you select are not present in a message the auto-reply will not be sent).

You cannot use the  'start', 'stop', and 'help' keywords as they are reserved for the system.

Schedule: From the Schedule Type drop-down list select Days of Week, Days of Month, or Date Range) and then check the relevant days or select a date range when the auto-reply will be in effect.

If you want the auto-reply to be in effect at all times select Days of Week and check all the days.

Start/End Hour: CTIA Messages Best Practices and The Campaign Registry (TCR) require that you avoid sending messages during quiet hours — generally 9 pm to 8 am. Here you can limit the message delivery to a specific time range to respect quiet hours. 

However, since you are not sending a message but replying to one it can be assumed the sender expects an instant reply even not during quiet hours. To accommodate this and reply 24 hours a day leave the Start/End hour at 12 AM.

Enable/Disable: A toggle that allows you to temporarily disable an auto-reply instead of deleting it. 

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