Telebroad eFax

Telebroad offers a very handy printer driver called Print2Fax that allows you to send documents from any program that supports a printing function. The advantage of this driver is that it converts the documents for you and sends them seamlessly. You can fax with it just about any text or graphic document.

You can download it at and can read more about how to use it here

If you can't install the driver for any reason, then you can instead send faxes by email using Telebroad's eFax service. The disadvantage here is that you need to convert your document into PDF format first. 

There is no limit on the number of pages in the PDF file, but make sure to only have one PDF attachment in your email (so for example if you have four different pages, combine them into one four pages PDF instead of having four separate attachments.)

To send out fax through email:

  • compose an email with the text you wish to fax in any email program or web application.

  • In the To: field of the email (the recipient) enter the intended fax number using this format -

    Example -

  • Hit the Send button.

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