The Calls Screen – Calls Log

Click    on the top-left corner to access the Calls Screen.

The screen is divided into two areas and combines two functions from other versions of the TeleConsole – Calls Log to see your calling history and a keypad to make calls. The keypad can also be used to access your voicemail and its options.

When you place a call you will see call and conference options for it. Call options are also displayed for received calls. A list of active calls (including held and conference calls) appears on top of the calls log column.

Calls Log – Incoming, Outgoing, Missed

The middle column on the Calls Screen shows a chronological log of calls for your active phone line. It lists both internal calls from users in your company and external calls from outside clients and contacts.  

Each call log record lists the phone number and name of the caller (if available), the time the call was placed, its duration (missed or busy calls have a zero duration), and an indication of one of three call types:

  • Incoming calls to your phone line are marked with a green left-pointing arrow .

  • Outgoing calls from your phone line are marked with a green right-pointing arrow .

  • Missed calls that you did not pick up are marked with a red left-pointing red arrow .

Click    on the top-right corner of the column to filter what type of calls are shown in the log Missed, Outgoing, Incoming, or All Calls.

If you can't find a specific call log make sure it is not being filtered out by your selection here. You can always select All Calls or use the global search feature to find it.

Call Log Options

Selecting a call log record will show the following options for it on the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Select   to place a call to the person who called you or whom you called.

    The keypad screen will open with the other party's number automatically inserted in the call recipient's field.

  • Select    to message the person who called you or whom you called.

    The other party's number will be automatically inserted in the To: field of the new conversation screen. You should make sure this number can actually receive text messages (the TeleConsole has no way to verify that for you!)

    Note that messaging is not available for internal contacts but you can direct chat with them instead. Learn more about direct and team chat here.

  • Select    for contact options for the other party on the call log record.

    • If the other party already exists in your contacts, this option will open his details in the contacts screen.

    • If the other party does not  exist in your contacts, you will get two options for him – Create new contact or Add to existing. See more about creating new contacts here.

  • Select   and to delete the call log record (answer Delete when prompted to approve the deletion.

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