Profile Options (DND, Queues) and Sound & Devices Quick Menu

The two menus on the top right corner provide access to your profile options and Sound & Devices quick menu.

Profile Options

Your profile shows your name and extension (or internal phone number). Profile options are accessed by clicking the initial of your name ( in the example shown here.)


The icon also indicates if you are online (green dot) or not (red dot). Being online means the TeleConsole client on your computer has established a connection with the Telebroad server. It does not necessarily means that you are available to take calls from clients or coworkers.

The profile options are:

Disable Incoming Calls - if you are using a SIP phone with your Telebroad account you need to toggle on this option to route incoming calls to your physical phone rather than to the TeleConsole. A red banner at the top of the TeleConsole window will remind that this option is active. If you are not using a physical phone this will completely prevent you from accepting incoming calls. 

Do Not Disturb - toggle Do Not Disturb on if you temporarily can't be bothered to answer calls. A red banner at the top of the TeleConsole window will remind that this option is active. When enabled inbound calls will go directly to your voicemail. Your call center administrator will see when you activated Do Not Disturb on his ACD Panel software so he can avoid redirecting calls to you. Other users on the system can still chat with you when this is enabled.

Queue Status - a list of the queues you belong to and your availability status in them. Log yourself in or out of a queue by switching the toggle next to the queue's name. While you are logged out of a queue you will not receive calls distributed to the queue by the system or the call center administrator.

If you have logged out from all the queues, the call center administrator will see you as being unavailable on his ACD Panel software. He can still route calls manually to your number or extension.

Sound & Devices Quick Menu

Click to access the Sound and Devices quick menu. Three drop-down menus are available here for selecting input/output devices for making or receiving calls - Microphone, Speaker / Headset, and a Video Camera. A grayed out drop-down menu indicates that the particular input/output device is not available or not configure properly.

The choices are usually automatically configured with Window's default input/output settings. You only need to change them if you want to use a different input/output device. You can also change these under the Sound & Devices tab of the TeleConsole's Settings screen, where you can also set up a secondary device to ring for incoming calls. 

The microphone's input level is continuously displayed as you speak. But you need to click to test the speaker/headset or camera. Click   to stop the test.

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