Voicemail Playback, Filtering, and Options

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Select   from the TeleConsole menu on the top-left corner to access the voicemail screen.

The screen is divided to two areas the left one listing available voicemail message and the right one for playing them.

Note that voicemail messages (as well as PIN and greeting options for the mailbox) can also be accessed by dialing *1 on the keypad. See more information here

If you cannot see or receive voicemails ("No voicemails found" is displayed in the left column) check the Voicemail Channels - MANAGE VOICEMAILS option in the TeleConsole's settings and ensure that at least one of your voicemail channels is active!

Voicemail Playback and Filtering

Each voicemail row in the left column shows the number of the caller who left the particular voicemail (top), the mailbox it was left in (bottom-left), its duration in minutes and seconds (bottom-right), and the date it was left.

New voicemails (that you have not yet opened and listened to) appear in bold type.



Click   to select what voicemails are shown in the left column - All Voicemails, Old Voicemails, or New Voicemails

Select any voicemail to open it for playback. Click   to start playing the voicemail and   to pause the playback.

Voicemail Options


On the top-right corner of the screen you have additional options for the selected voicemail:

  • Select   to place a call to the other party who left you the voicemail. The keypad screen will open with the other party's number automatically inserted in the call recipient's field.

  • Select    to delete the voicemail. Select DELETE when prompted to approve the deletion.

  • Select    for additional menu options ---

      • Select   for contact options for the person who left you the voicemail.

        • If the other party already exists in your contacts, this option will open his details in the contacts screen.

        • If the other party does not  exist in your contacts, you will get two options for him – Create new contact or Add to existing. See more about creating new contacts here.

    • Select    to send an SMS/MMS message to the other party who left you the voicemail. The other party's number will be automatically inserted in the To field of the new conversation screen (you should make sure this number can actually receive text messages.)

    • Select   to download a copy of the voicemail as a .wav file to your local or network drive.

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