What's New?

These are the latest additions and improvements, in descending order, to Telebroad's software, services, and the support portal:

  • The TeleConsole Web client has a new version with a modernized interface and additional features as the Windows/macOS versions, including a SPAM blocking, automatic voicemail transcriptions, and team chat. 

    The legacy version still has access to more settings and can be useful for the advanced user or administrator.

    Learn how to access and about the differences between the versions here.

  • Team Chat is an office collaboration tool that allows you to communicate internally by exchanging text messages, voice notes, and files with any user on the company's phone system. 

    It is available on the TeleConsole app for the Windows, macOS, and new Web version.

    Learn more here.

  • The TeleConsole now supports voicemail transcription on the Android and Windows/macOS versions.

  • Directory Calling offers a faster and simpler company calling alternative to the TeleConsole. Learn more here.

  • A complete voicemail voice prompts map is now available for your convenience.

  • Learn how to block unwanted calls and SPAM text messages from the Windows version of the TeleConsole and the Admin Portal. See more information here

  • Detailed documentation for the TeleConsole Android notifications settings.

  • The TeleConsole now supports merging held calls into a conference or splitting a conference into held calls. See the relevant Android or Windows/macOS details.

  • The TeleConsole is now available as a dedicated app for personal computers. See the Window/macOS versions user guides and FAQ.

  • Zapier automations now allow you to integrate the TeleConsole with over 2000 apps and software platforms. Setting up automations takes minutes and requires no coding knowledge. Read our detailed walk-thru for creating Zaps.

  • Need to find a specific Telebroad REST API functionality? You can now refer to this page that summarizes APIs by function categories.

  • Learn about the powerful capabilities of our multi-level and multi-function IVR.

  • Need to manage your call center remotely? Look here to see how the ACD Panel's Live Dashboard works in a mobile browser environment.

  • Need help with an issue that may be challenging to resolve by phone or chat? See these instructions on how to use our Remote Support software.

  • Documentation for sending MMS messages using REST API with POST/send/sms.

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