Calls - Log/Recieving/Making (Dial Pad, Active Calls, Call Options, Voicemail Options)

Click   on the top-left corner to access your Calls Screen. The screen is divided to two columns and combines two functions from other versions of the TeleConsole - Calls Log and a dial pad. The dial pad can also be used to access your voicemail and its optionsWhen you place a call you will see call options for it. Call options will also appear for received calls. A list of active calls (including held and conference calls) appear on top of the calls log column. 

Calls Log

The middle column on the calling screen shows a chronological log of calls for your active phone line. It lists both internal calls from users in your company and external calls from outside clients and contacts.  

Each call log record lists the phone number and name of the caller(if available), the time the call was placed, it's duration (missed or busy calls have a zero duration.), and one of three call types:

  • Incoming calls to your phone line are marked with a green left point arrow - .

  • Outgoing calls from your phone line are marked with a green right point arrow - .

  • Missed calls that you did not pick up are markes with a red left pointing red arrow - .

Click   on the top-right corner of the column to select what type of calls is shown in the log. Select a specific call type or All to show all three. 

Selecting a record gives you four options on the top-right corner of the screen:

  • Select   to place a call to the person who called you or whom you called. The dial pad screen will open with the other party's number automatically inserted in the call recipient's field.

  • Select   to chat or message with the person who called you or whom you called. The other party's number will be automatically inserted in the To field of the new conversation screen.

  • Select   to open the contact details of an existing contact for the caller or whom you tried to call or to add him as a new contact.

  • Select   and then to delete the call log record (answer Delete when prompted to approve the deletion.)

The Dial Pad

The dial pad shows by default when you access the Calls Screen. It gets replaced by a call log record if you selected any. To show it again click .

Enter the name or number you want to dial in the To: field. As you type, existing matching contacts will be suggested.

Your defult caller ID will be used for external calls. If you want to change it click the Call From: drop-down menu and select one of the available caller IDs. You can narrow the available choices by starting to type a number in the Search field.

Select   to place the call and access call options.

Voicemail Access and Options

The dial pad can be used to access your voicemail by dialing *1.  You will be connected to your mailbox and be prompted to press 1 to "play messages" or to "change folder" (changing folder let you listen to older saved voicemails. Press 2 again to listen to new voicemails.) 

Press 0 for mailbox options then follow the voice prompts:

  • Press 1 to create or change your Unavailable Greeting (played when you don`t answer your phone.)

  • Press to create or change your Busy Greeting (played when you are on another call.)

  • Press to create or change your Temporary Greeting (played if you are unreachable, like when you are logged out of all your queues or toggled your availability status to Do not disturb.)

  • Press to create or change your Name (played if the Unavailable Greeting is not setup. The system will play your name followed by saying "is unavailable".)

  • Press 5 to create or change your voicemail PIN (Personal Identification Number to secure access to the mailbox.)

Recieving Calls

Incoming calls appear on the top of the calls log column and in a seperate pop-up window. Select   or to answer the call. Select or   to decline it.

Active Calls and Call Options

Active Calls

A list of active calls (dialed or recieved) appear at the top of the calls log column. Call options for a selected call will be displayed on the right side on the window and the call will be indicated with a gray a box to show it is selected (if there is only one active call it will be selected by default.) 

Select      next to any call to hang it up.

Call Options

The selected active call shows the caller's name and number and the duration of the call in progress.

The following call options are available for the selected active call:

  • Select   to hang up the call.

  • When you select   you will be prompted to enter a number where the call is to be transfer to and to select either a Transfer Blind (the call will be transfered immeditaly without prior consulting) or Transfer Smart (you will be connected to the intended recipient of the tranfser first and can see if he is willing to accept the transfer.)

  • Select   to place the call on hold. The call will be listed as being "On hold" in the active calls column and the hold button will change to . Select it again to resume the call.

    After you place a call on hold you can use the keypad button to place a call to another person.While on hold, the party you are talking with may hear either a ringing tone or music as determined by either your phone system administrator or your TeleConsole (web version) phone setting "While call ring play the caller" option.

  • Select   to mute the call. The button will change to  .You will still be able to hear the other party, but he will not be able to hear you. Select the button again to unmute the call.
  • Select   to display the keypad. Use the keypad to make selections from interactive voice menus or to call another party after you have placed a call on hold.

  • When you select   you will be prompted to call other parties who will participate in a conference with you and with the selected active call. Enter a name or a phone numbers in the To: field or select them from list of available contacts( icon indicates the contact is already on a call.) and click CONFERENCE. The calls participating in the conference will appear at the top of the calls log column.

    The limit of how many particiants you can add to a conference depends on your subscription plan and system settings. By default you can create a conefernce with three participants including yourself, so you should add only one participant to the conference (which will include you, the active call, and the new participant)

  • Select   to start recording the selected active call (or a conference.) The record button will change to and you will be notified that the location of the recording file on your PC is Documents/Teleconsole/Recordings. Check the Do not show again box to prevent the notification from showing when you perform future recordings.

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