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Contacts (TeleConsole Desktop/Web)

Click   to view the Contacts Screen and edit phone numbers, emails, and other information relating to your TeleConsole or company contacts.

The contacts screen is also accessible from the menu options of conversations, faxes, voicemails, and call logs where you can either open existing contact details or create a new contact for the other party.

Contact Types – TeleConsole and Company

There are two types of contacts associated with your TeleConsole account: 

  • TeleConsole contacts include your own clients and any external contacts you have outside the company. A TeleConsole contact is only available to you, unless if you have shared it with other users.

    TeleConsole contacts are marked with a purple icon.

  • Company contacts are all the internal contacts in the company users, agents, and coworkers basically anyone on the company's phone system. Company contacts are available to all users in the company.

    Regular company contacts are marked with a yellow icon.

    A special company contact phone administrator is marked with a gray icon.

Click   to select the type of contact you want to see (TeleConsole Contacts or Company Contacts). You can also select to show All Contacts , Google Contacts, or Microsoft Contacts. To have access to your Google or Microsoft contacts you need to sign in to the TeleConsole with your Google or Microsoft credentials.

Contact Details, Options, and Editing

Select any contact to see its available phone numbers, email address, and options:

  • – Call the contact. The keypad screen will open with the contact's number automatically inserted in the call recipient's field.

  •   – Send an SMS/MMS message to the contact. The contact's number will be automatically inserted in the To field of the new conversation screen

  • – Email the contact.

    The first time you select this option in the TeleConsole it will prompt you to select a default email app/web browser for future use.

    If you decide to change to another email app/browser refer to this article – Changing the Default Email App – Windows/macOS/Chrome/Firefox (if you are using our Android or iOS app refer to this article instead – How to Change the Default Email App – Android/iOS?)

  •   Delete the contact. You will be prompted to approve the deletion by selecting DELETE.

  •   – Edit the contact. The editing screen is identical to the new contact screen (see below.) Besides changing the names, company, phone numbers, and emails (and their labels) of the contact you can also change his status from private to public (shared with other phone users in your company.)

    Remember that you can only delete and edit TeleConsole contacts! Company contacts can only be deleted and edited by your phone system administrator, hence their editing and deletion buttn grayed out.  

Creating a New Contact

You can only add new TeleConsole contacts (new company contacts are created by your phone system administrator). To create a new TeleConsole contact, select  . You must fill in the First name, Last name, and Company fields and add at least one phone number before you can SAVE the contact.

If you want to share the contact with everyone on your company's phone system, toggle the Type field from Private to Public. 

To add additional phone numbers or email fields select   next to either. To remove a new field you added select .

You can change the label of phone numbers from their drop-down menu. Available labels are Work, Mobile, Home, Conference, Fax, or Other. Labeling helps you differentiate between phone numbers (although you may also have several identical labels. For example two work numbers for a contact).